Neil Wright - Event Director at Complexcon

Complexcon is the groundbreaking festival and exhibition that brings together pop culture, music, art, food, style, sports, innovation, activism, and education. We sit down with Neil Wright - event director of Complexcon. Neil discusses what it takes to organize Complexcon, how brands and companies can become vendors, and their expansion from not only Long Beach but also Chicago in 2019.


Personal - @Cherry_Coke_Zero

Complexcon - @Complexcon



Jeff Soto - Pop Surrealist and Street Artist from Riverside, California

We talk to Jeff about his long varied career, teaching and the stability it provides, and how to maintain goals while juggling your everyday life.





Captain Kris - New Zealand born Muralist and Graphic Designer.

We speak to Kris about painting on streets across the globe, having realistic expectations with your career, and the origin of his iconic Captain character. 





Jason Peterson - Chicago-based photographer and Creator of The Times. A forward thinking Ad Agency.

We talk to Jason about redefining the traditional agency model from the ground up, how you must speak with consumers rather than at them, and many others ways in which the business of advertising has changed. 


Personal - @JasonMPeterson

The Times - @weare.thetimes



Hebru Brantley - Contemporary Artist from Chicago

This week’s guest is Hebru Brantley. We talk about the pros and cons of working with a gallery vs doing it yourself, running a successful pop up shop, and how to choose the right collaborations as an artist. We also celebrate our 50th episode. 


Personal - @hebrubrantley

Hebru Brand Studios - @hebrubrandstudios



Jason Link - Creative Director at Epitaph Records

We talk to Jason about the roles of a creative director in the music industry, what record companies are doing to drive sales, things freelancers can do to work smarter, and how merchandise and album design has changed in the past 10 years.


Personal - @doublej2000

Epitaph Records - @EpitaphRecords



Caratoes -  Illustrator and Street Artist from Belgium

We talk to Caratoes about traveling the world, painting murals and the difficulties one can face when negotiating traveling to paint.

IG - @Caratoes



episode 47: Leon benrimon

Leon Benrimon - Director of Modern and Contemporary Art for Heritage Auctions. 

We sit down with Leon to discuss how auction houses work, how to determine the value of your collection, insuring your collection and how reselling hurts everyone. 

IG - @heritagecontemporary



Nina Palomba - Los Angeles based artist and art director.

On the eve of her new solo exhibition, "Nini's Weenies", Nina sits down to talk about her love of 1930's cartoons, Americana, producing sets for video shoots, and firing shotguns. 

Her new exhibition runs January 12th through February 2nd at Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles.

IG - @TheNinaPalomba



Dave Persue - Southern CA based artist and author. 

Persue dives intro his 30 year career as an artist. From graffiti, commercial illustration, branding, fine art, and writing - Dave has done more than most can hope for. We also discuss his book “The Origins of Bunny Kitty” which he co-wrote with his mother using a character he’s been painting on city streets around the globe for almost 20 years.

 IG - @Persue1


EPISODE 44: Hoxxoh

Hoxxoh - Miami Artist and Muralist

Harsh Truth is in Miami for Art Basel speaking with our friend Hoxxoh. We speak to Hoxxoh about his mural work and fine art.

We also welcome special guest co-hosts Brian Butler and Upendo. This episode was recorded in Miami at Jolt Radio. 

IG -

Guest: @Hoxxoh

Guest Hosts: @UpperhandArt & @Upendo_

Recorded in Miami, Florida at @JoltRadio



Alex Yanes - Miami artist and sculptor

Harsh Truth is in Miami for Art Basel speaking with our friend Alex Yanes!

Alex has been building and creating his entire life. We discuss how he got started, balancing career and family, and learn some secrets behind his unique and colorful work. 

Also we welcome special guest co-host Brian Butler. This episode was record in Miami at Jolt Radio. 

IG -

Guest: @AlexYanes

Guest Host: @UpperhandArt

Recorded in Miami, Florida at @JoltRadio


EPISODE 42: upendo

Upendo - Los Angeles based Abstract Expressionist

Upendo got his start in the skate and clothing industry, but over time transitioned to focusing on his own work. Using his unique ghetto poetry style - his work can be scene in the fine art world, clothing, and commercial jobs. 

He's also part of the Crass Boys. 

IG - @Upendo_



Denial - Canadian Punk Rock Pop Artist 

We caught up with artist DENIAL right after his showing at this year's Designercon in Anaheim California. 

We talk about his studio and art scene in Canada, work visas for traveling internationally as an artist, cease and desist letters, and his fundamentals which has kept this career going for 18 years. 

IG - @DenialArt


EPISODE 40: matt gondek

Matt Gondek - Deconstructive Pop Artist and host of this Podcast

 With Matt's new solo exhibition "Growing Pains" fast approaching, we finally give him an episode. 

Matt talks about how he grew his art career, all the different artists and companies he's worked with, and insight on his new solo exhibition. 

IG - @GondekDraws



Brett Crawford - Los Angeles Artist 

Brett spend his formative years filling holes in his life with material things. After this landed him in jail, he realized a change was needed. Now an accomplished artist with an upcoming solo exhibition, Brett certainly is on the upswing. 

We speak to Brett about finding gallery representation, creating his first sculpture, apprenticing, and the importance of a hard work ethic. 

IG - @BrettCrawfordArt



WOES - Hawaii born Artist

A car wreck early on convinced WOES that life is too short. From there he just went for it - painting his Pandas worldwide and making a name for himself in the process. 

We talk about his long career, how he keeps things fresh, and working with Wu Tang.  

IG - @Woes



2SHAE - Los Angeles based Artist and designer. 

Only a few days before his new solo exhibit at EWKUKS in Los Angeles, 2SHAE shares his past experiences that influence his work. 

From drug addiction, tattooing in prison, and MTV's West Coast Customs - 2SHAE's story is one of the best we've had on the show. 

IG - @Tat2Shae



Brent Estabrook - Los Angeles based Artist. Pigment and Texture Enthusiast. 

We welcome Brent back to the podcast to talk about his work, blue check marks on Instagram, his solo exhibit in New York, and people wanting to touch his paintings.

IG - @BrentEstabrook 



Jo Koy - "Standup Comedian of the Year" 2018 - Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

 Jo Koy has been pursuing comedy since the late 80's. Now voted "Standup comedian of the Year", Jo shares stories from his long career. 

IG - @JoKoy



Alex Pardee - Fine artist, muralist, designer, and toy maker.

Alex Pardee began his art career in the late 90's. Now more than 20 years strong, Alex shares what he's learned over time and gives insight on his different projects.

IG - @AlexPardee


EPISODE 32: fin dac

Finbarr Dac - Urban stencil artist and founder of Urban Aesthetics  

Fin's urban aesthetic style is a means to help erase negative stereotypes of culturally diverse women. Now traveling the world painting murals as well as exhibiting fine art, we speak to Fin about how important it was for him to follow his passion. 

IG - @Findac


EPISODE 31: Andrew hosner

Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace Gallery - Los Angeles based art gallery Since 2005

Thinkspace gallery has been showcasing world class artistic talent. Andrew is known for offering no-holds barred advice to artists wanting to show their work in the gallery circuit. We speak to him about exhibiting work, tips for artists, and we learn about how Thinkspace got started and continues to remain one of the best galleries in Los Angeles.

IG - @Thinkspace_art


EPISODE 30: birdman

Birdman - Los Angeles Based Photographer

Birdman has been covering the Los Angeles art scene for quite some time. We learn how he got started, his time as a paparazzi for TMZ, and how he gets works in the competitive field of photography. 

IG - @BirdmanPhotos


EPISODE 29: dante orpilla

Dante Orpilla - Reddit Employee, Therapeutic Artist, and Ex-Criminal.

Dante began pursuing his unique "water color" artwork during his time in prison. Using coffee, Kool-aid, and what was available - Dante began creating the work which landed him a job at Reddit once released.    We speak to Dante about his time creating artwork in prison, Reddit, using art for therapeutic purposes, and following old men home from the Art Store.   

IG - @OneUglyBastard


EPISODE 28: Alex Garant

Alex Garant - Figurative Artist  

A heart attack early in life made Canadian artist Alex Garant realize that life is short.  For the last six years Alex has been taking her figurative oil paintings all over the world and making quite a name for herself.  We learn about Alex's background, how she creates her work, and tips and advice from her career. 

IG - @AlexGarantArt


EPISODE 27: Griz

Griz - Owner of Hutch LA and Lil Bullies Club

Griz is a business genius. He shares the success of his brand Hutch LA and his wholesale business Lil Bullies Club.  We learn about how to properly set up an online business, using mailing lists effectively, and dodging trouble from copywrite infringement.  In addition we speak to Griz about his new obsession - healthy living and the Keto diet, which has already helped him lose over 70 pounds. 

IG -

Hutch LA: @Hutch_LA

Lil Bullies Club: @LilBulliesClub



Joseph Lee - Los Angeles based Artist and Actor

We speak to Joseph about moving from the mid-west to Los Angeles in pursuit of acting and art.  Joe's new solo exhibition opens in August around the time his new movie premiers in theaters worldwide. We also learn a bit about South Korean TV, as he just wrapped up a very popular mini-series there.

IG - @Joeyunlee


EPISODE 25: Aaron Firestein

Aaron Firestein - Artist and Co-Founder of the massive footwear brand BucketFeet

We speak to Aaron about turning his hobby of customizing friend's shoes into a huge footwear brand known the world over. Aaron has made a huge impact not only in the business world, but in the artist community as well with his great ideas. If you're thinking of starting a business or you're an artist looking for advice on selling your ideas, this is a great episode.   

IG -

Personal: @FuegoStein

Business: @BucketFeet



Wade MacNeil - Guitarist in the band Alexisonfire, Frontman of the band Gallows, Composer, and Radio Host

We speak to Wade about coming up in the Canadian music scene, his band projects, composing for film and video games, and his radio show in Toronto. Lots of great advice for musicians in this episode.

IG -

Personal: @WadeMacNeil

Alexisonfire: @AOF_Official

Gallows: @GallowsOfficial


EPISODE 23: terry guy

Terry Guy - Owner of Secret Walls, Monorex, High Rise Murals, and Start Los Angeles

We speak to Terry about his numerous business ventures. From the social art party of Secret Walls, placing artists in commercial projects with Monorex, huge hand painted commercial walls with High Rise Murals, to his base of operations Start Los Angeles - Terry wears many hats and gives lot of great advice to aspiring business owners and artists.

IG -

Personal: @TerryMonorex

Secret Walls: @SecretWalls

Monorex: @Monorex

High Rise Murals: @HighRiseMurals

Start LA: @StartLosAngeles


EPISODE 22: Phem

Phem - Los Angeles based Music Artist

We speak to Phem about transitioning from performing in a full band to going solo and writing music that leans on close personal experience. From her days as an accomplished Jazz drummer, to living in a recording studio with no bathroom, to the media running with her friendship to Flying Lotus - Phem's story is a very interesting look at the life of a recording artist. 

IG - @Phem4Evr



WRDSMTH - Los Angeles based Artist and Author

We speak to WRDSMTH about transitioning from commercial writer, to author, to famed street artist. WRDSMTH's story is a great listen for anyone who ever dreamed of following your passions and just going for it. His first novel "The Holden Age of Hollywood" has just been released.



EPISODE 20: fidia

Fidia Falaschetti - Italian born artist and sculptor living in Los Angeles

We sit down with Italian artist Fidia to discuss moving to the United States to persue an art career, how to choose the right assistant, the pitfalls of social media, developing relationships with galleries, Art Basel, and how he creates his sculptures.

IG - @Fidia



Che Anderson - Director and founding member of Pow! Wow! Worcester. 

 Che Anderson, Project manager to the city of Worcester Massachusetts, details how he brought the globally recognized mural and arts festival Pow! Wow! to his city. Che gives information about organizing your own mural festival as well as how to get noticed and paint in your first festival as well. 

 IG -

Personal: @VivaElChe

Pow Wow: @PowWowWorcester


EPISODE 18: Greg Mishka

Greg Rivera - Owner of the popular streetwear brand MISHKA

 Greg Rivera has been running the popular streetwear brand MISHKA since 2003. We speak to Greg about how his brand got started, how it developed a strong presence in the scene, their brick and mortar stores, moving the brand into international retail, managing artists, his new book about Mr. T, and so much more. 

 IG - @GregMishka



Charlie Edmiston - Los Angeles based painter and sculptor.

 Charlie has successfully transitioned from a 9-5, to freelance graphic design, to a fine artist selling work around the world. We speak about how he made the jump, working on MTV's Fantasy Factory, and horror stories from his graff days. 

IG - @CharlieEdmiston



Brian Butler - Miami based illustrator and artist.

 Brian Butler returns to the podcast to discuss repping your city, expanding your horizons through travel, and gives a play by play of a Smash Mouth concert.

 IG - @UpperHandArt


EPISODE 15: Kristen Liu-wong

Kristen Liu-Wong - California based artist.

 Kristen has made a huge impact on the art community in such a short amount of time. Exhibitions are prestigious galleries.. cover stories in notable magazines.. learn Kristen's ethos about how she accomplished so much so quickly.

 IG - @KliuWong


EPISODE 14: sam whitney

Sam Whitney of Giclee LA.

Sam's company, Giclee LA, does fine art Giclee prints for some of the biggest artists in the world. Learn how to prepare your work for print as well as loads of other tips and advice. 

 Wesbite - GicleeLA.com


EPISODE 13: Matt Caughthran

Matt Caughthran - Vocalist from the bands The Bronx and Mariachi El Bronx

We speak about his bands' beginnings, touring, and being on David Letterman. 

IG -

Personal: @213MattMan

The Bronx: @BronxoVision


EPISODE 12: lillipore

Natasha Lillipore - Los Angeles based illustrator

We speak about her artwork, getting ripped off by major companies, and juggling commercial and personal work. 

IG - @Lillipore


EPISODE 11: paul jackson

Paul Jackson - Toronto Canada based Illustrator

We speak about his days in the band merch world, developing his style, and how there's no shortcuts to "making it" as an artist. 

IG - @PaulJacksonLives


EPISODE 10: ben goretsky

Ben Goretsky is a powerhouse in the vinyl toy industry. Not only does his company 3D Retro produce figures for some of the biggest names in the art world, but he also owns DesignerCon - the annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods in Southern California. 

If you ever wanted to produce a figure based off your artwork or learn tricks about exhibiting your artwork at conventions, this is the podcast to listen to. 

IG -

3D Retro: @3dRetro
Designer Con: @DesignerCon
Toy Geeks (Behind The Counter): @ToyGeeksBTC


EPISODE 9: Eric Bauza

Marvin the Martian, Woody Woodpecker, Master Splinter, Fozie Bear... Voiceover Artist Eric Bauza voices them all and tons more of our favorite characters. Also, we try and solve the mystery of who broke into my studio. 

IG - @Bauzilla



Homeless Cop - Los Angeles based Artist

We speak about moving to Los Angeles, his clean art style, where his name came from, and Metallica impersonations.  

IG - @HomelessCop


EPISODE 7: jillian evelyn

Jillian Evelyn - Los Angeles based Artist

We speak about transitioning to a full time artist, Juxtapoz, advice for amateur artists, and painting over one of my murals.  

IG - @Jillian_Evelyn


EPISODE 6: Brian butler

Brian Butler - Miami based Artist

We speak about drawing live concerts, Art Basel, Sweaty Hot Illustration, and Put-Put 

IG - @UpperhandArt


EPISODE 5: michelle tanguay

Michelle Tanguay - Detroit based Artist

We speak about how she began her art career, pushing through fear to begin painting murals, and ghosts. 

IG - @MichelleTanguay


EPISODE 4: Birdo

Birdo - Toronto based Mural artist. 

We discuss the Canadian art scene, the struggles of becoming a US citizen, and proper facial care. 

 IG - @JerryRugg


EPISODE 3: dante orpilla

Dante Orpilla - Reddit Employee, Therapeutic Artist, and Ex-Criminal.

IG - @OneUglyBastard 


EPISODE 2: brent estabrook

Brent Estabrook - Accomplished Los Angeles based oil painter and gallery owner. 

IG - @BrentEstabrook


EPISODE 1: andy kelly

Andy Kelly - Secret Walls

IG - @Andrewkellygo